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Paul Prince

Media Producer- Film Director -Author- Artist

Paul Prince is the co-founder of Jebomedia Inc, and Acting Adminstrator of the company, Paul Prince is a writer, director, producer, actor, author, artist and many more. His Motto is try many things that you think you might like and keep doing them, never give up on things you love, because thats what make you alive. Paul Prince wrote several scripts that he intends to make a movie out of, He wrote a book, called " Lost in Europe that he intends to release very soon but due to the pandemic, it has been postponed.

Paul Prince First Novel, A transient ride , publishes on October 22nd, Available on all platforms

He also enjoy working in the nightlife as an MC, Event Host and sometimes as an artist for songs he created

Paul Prince wrote and produced MBM

wrote produced and directed wrong decisions

wrote and directed the upcoming film Run

also created, wrote and directed the web series the Mission which he also star in

He often prepares convention along with his partners to help the most needy, such a mental helps and more

if you wish to contact paul for any business opportunities personally

Email him at


North American & European Tour

Summer 2024

Tickets Available Soon


Dancing Through The Waves


Out March 2024

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Paul Prince

Out Now On All Platforms

That Good Life

Paul Prince X Miss Nino

Out Now On Every Platforms

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In My Corner

Paul Prince started his career in music in 2017, releasing his first single called "Pretty Lady". In 2020, Paul Prince took it more seriously during the pandemic collaborating with many artists , releasing over 15 songs and 8 music  videos in a span of 9 months
he will release his first album on April 23, with his title , Chosen one, You a star, in my Corner and Disco Party, My Ride Or Die as his main songs


A Transient Ride

A Compilaton of Short Tales

The first of the book series, A transient Ride as th name says it , is a a short ride, but a short ride into the mind of Paul Prince, in this novel , they are many monologues and texts of very profound thinking and meanings, surrealism and observations. Its available to buy now on amazon and kindle



This book presents many characters that was on verge to lose their businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, and the many obstacles they faced during it and how they overcame it and got the key to success. Taes about some of the most successful women and men such as Oscar Micheaux, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and more 


Image by Jason Dent



Wrong Decisions

February 2021

On a regular day at the job, Detective Jonathan Smith goes out of his way to make decisions he never thought he would have to, in his lifetime

Written & Directed By Paul Prince

Producers : Paul Prince & Anderson Bondo

Cinematographer :Jester Photon

Starring : Cody West, Anderson Bondo, Christina Di Tillo , Sean Mohtorious, Mona Lisa, Egor Bosoi and More


June 2021

A gifted track runner, is preparing herself for her upcoming competition by running around the outskirts of her town. Which is when she comes across a very unusual and gruesome discovery, a dead body infested with bugs in the middle of the woods. The previous victim of a cold-blooded serial killer taking refuge in the area, looking for his next victim. After this terrifying discovery, the gifted track runner attracts unwanted attention right before her upcoming competition. Will she be able to run from this merciless murderer? Or will she end up hidden in a forest as his next victim?

Written & Directed by Paul Prince

Cinematographer : Jester Photon

Produced by :Anderson Bondo & Paul Prince

Actors : Christina Di Tillo , Cody West, Heymi Millette, Anderson Bondo, Grishel Ocompo, Paul Prince



December 2016

A mob boss (James cell) finds out his wife gets killed, seeks revenge but things take a dangerous turn.

Director: Anderson Bondo

Writer: Paul Prince

Stars: Brian SinghEdwine DorivalAdrien Rousseau

Paul Prince x Don Bondo - Party With Me ( Official Music Video)

Paul Prince x Don Bondo - Party With Me ( Official Music Video)

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My Album is Out

Paul Prince - In My Corner

Out Now On Every Platforms


Jebomedia Inc

Jebomedia is a Canadian Film Company Established in 2016, that produces movies, music videos, series and does photoshoots.
We mostly focus on Movie and Series Productions

Since we are a media company, we also take part at many other activities, Jebomedia is the parent company of the Plug Network,which includes The Plug Show, Plug Magazine, and Plug events and Promotions, Jtmco which is a non profit organization here to help the needy, Jebomedia Music Label (JBM), Jebomedia Film & Music Festival & The Atlas Awards

Real Stats Facts

Hosted By Paul Prince & Don Bondo

Sport Podcast  Show, Discussing the biggest  topics on the sports world, covering basketball, American Football and Football(Soccer).

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Take a Closer Look


The Plug Circle

The Plug Circle

is a subsidiary of Jebomedia Inc.

The Plug Circle is an entertainment network consisting of a magazine, a podcast and events.

Our podcast airs a new episode every second Sunday, it is hosted by Paul Prince and DonBondo is on the mix. We also feature other members such as, Red, Naida, DJ Swanahh and Jey. Each bringing something different to the show.

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts or Watch the full episode on YouTube.


Please get in touch for more information about Paul Prince, to discuss possible collaborations, or for any media inquiries.

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