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Paul Prince has received a great deal of press coverage for both their solo work and their multiple collaborations. Read through the latest articles and mentions about their work below and scroll down for collateral materials.


Hindrance On Thrive Global

Ferbruary 10 2021

What to know about Paul Prince?

February 10, 2021

Paul Prince On Disrupt Magazine

February 16, 2021

Co-founder of Jebomedia, Paul Prince

November 30, 2020

Paul Prince – A multi-talented Entrepreneur

November 27, 2020

Introducing a man who have enormous Talents Paul Prince

November 12

Paul Prince – A soul with many talents

November 11, 2020

Paul Prince's Book, "A Transient Ride"

November 11, 2020

Have you watched " Shawty Crazy" yet?

November 6th, 2020

Paul Prince is preparing himself a futur mogul

November 4th, 2020

Paul Prince is the proof that you can do it all, here's why?

October 26, 2020

Author Paul Prince published his novel, A Transient Ride. What is it all about?

October 21, 2020

Blaster Magazine : Interview Paul Prince

October 16, 2020

Paul Prince Reveals His Multifaceted And Peculiar Side With New Number "Fake Love"

October 6, 2020

Artist Paul Prince is the back to back man and then some

September 8, 2020

Paul Prince upcoming new track "what i want" reveals his passion for movies and one of his dear goals to win an oscar

July 30, 2020

Introducing Paul Prince - All People Need to know about the Multipotentialite Artist

July 23, 2020

Paul Prince drops a video for damaged but he's just getting started

July 5, 2020

Paul Prince, The Entrepreneur with many talents, whats new with him?

June 27, 2020

Interview with Filmmaker and Artist Paul Prince

July 7, 2020

5 things you should know about Film Producer & Director Paul Prince

June 27, 2020

Paul Prince's upcoming track "Damaged" is about the struggles of growing up as a black man

June 24, 2020

Paul Prince Aims to Win the World with Sounds of Music - Yahoo News

 February 10, 2021

Paul Prince On Buzzfeed

February 14, 2021

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